Enhanced Wisetrip is designed to provide international travellers with improved tools to assist with multi-modal journey planning and on-trip assistance especially where disruptions occur.

The improved functions that have been included are extended in terms of geographical coverage and wider synergy among journey planning systems worldwide, additional transport modes (railway, car, bicycle), inclusion of a wide grid of planning criteria (user type, trip purpose, CO2 footprint, etc.).

To reach broader acceptance of the WISETRIP system, its geographical and multi modality extension is necessary. Door-to-door journey planning needs to cover multiple international, interurban, and urban modes. The proposed journey planner would integrate schedule and route information offered by road, sea, and air transport modes and geospatial information. To this end, emphasis is given to the following objectives:


  • More international Journey solutions through the inclusion of international railways and ferry operators in addition to the already included international ferries. The inclusion is basically requiring the adaptation of the core algorithm of WISETRIP, so that alternative modes can be utilized and combined. System knowledge to certain level should be assured to support route finding.
  • Integration of transport systems that operate various transport networks independently from the available Global Distribution Systems. Such systems can be international rail networks or low-cost air carriers which can enrich the current international routing content. Consequently, the new system will complete its implementation strategy towards an open system that can utilise and combine information from multiple international transport operators
  • Integration of car and cycle navigation combined with urban transport for the departing phase of an international trip. The developments includes the integration of Car/Cycle navigation as well as the available traffic information and forecast services offered by participating Journey planning engines. Multimodal algorithms are developed combining car, cycle parking and pedestrian information with public transport solutions. Routing application are performed and tested to ensure an optimized use of dynamically updated parking and public transport information.

Enhanced WISETRIP will continue to be connected to the already participating Journey Planners, based upon their commitment to continue the operation of their interfaces with WISETRIP. Moreover, more content will be added and the inclusion of international systems such as international railways and car routing in many countries will enable a significant system expansion in terms of geography and modes





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